Is my credit card hurting my credit score

Youíve been talked into signing up for that credit score card because a person to your motherís gardening membership said that her plumber-slash-banker son reckons itís the most effective way to get your credit score rating up and jogging. You need to rent a flat and hire a car at some point, donít you? so that you get the card. when youíve were given the cardboard, youíre keenly aware that you need to apply it by some means. using the cardboard to buy normal items including groceries and fuel may be nice, mainly if the usage of a rewards card. but you furthermore may know that except youíre a stickler for repaying the whole quantity whilst payday rolls round, this will purpose problems. so you goal for a careful approach.

speedy ahead a few months later and also youíre in the end equipped to rent a lovable flat on the other side of the river, and the letting agent offers you the devastating news. Your credit is a little at the low side and you donít quite meet their criteria. What should have gone incorrect? a range of of factors, surely.

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